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This wiki will contain a somewhat organised description of the MMORPG idea I had on or around October 5th, 2014. The foundation of this idea/concept came, partly, from watching the anime Sword Art Online.

The central part of this idea concerns the fact that a lot of MMORPGs feel like single player games that you play with other people. To clarify: any player can - theoretically at least - attain any item, complete any quest and vanquish any foe. Even with class and race restrictions on quests and items, in a lot of games, they are open to at least 10% of the population.

Furthermore and more to the point, the main problem I can identify with modern MMORPGs is that the "authors" (developers, publishers, etc), are the sole proprietors of the games history and culture. In some cases, this is a prudent game design decision. In games based on a pre-existing universe (e.g. World of Warcraft) it would be unwise and perhaps even harmful to the story to allow the players complete, or even partial, creative control.

This is however not proof that player developed history and culture is a bad or unattainable thing, but rather it's a testament to the poor game design of modern MMORPGs.

The first thing that came to mind when I started thinking about what I would want to see in a player driven MMORPG, was named items. These do of course exist in some form or other in contemporary games, but most of the time there can be several copies of the same item in existence at any given moment.

I can imagine that one of the reasons for this design decision is "fairness". Developers and designers probably think that, if a powerful weapon is completely unique, this will bring an unfair advantage to whomever wields it. I say that this logic is completely flawed. As long as the starting conditions are the same for every player, it can't be unfair. I'll go into more details concerning the "justifications" for my system on other pages on this wiki.

In closing this introductory section, I'd like to just mention the fact that 17 years on, people are still talking about The Assassination of Lord British as one of the most memorable events in MMORPG history. Considering that the first MMOs were developed in the mid to late 70s, and MMORPGs even remotely reminiscent of the ones that are on the market today were developed even later that that, it is quite remarkable that this event is being talked about at all, let alone that it is considered one of the most memorable events in MMORPG history. That is what I believe MMORPGs should be about.


The purpose of these documents


The goal of the project

Core concepts

This section will contain a summary of some of the core concepts behind the game.


See the TODO page for a list of topics that needs to be written or expanded upon.